Enterprise Mobile Security findings released

April 20, 2015 03:01 ET

Enterprise Mobile Security: New Global Study Exposes Intrinsic Limits of Mobile Security Software, Demonstrates Need for Stronger Hardware-Based Solutions to Protect Corporate Data

See: News Release PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - April 20, 2015) - CUPP Computing announced today that a survey conducted by independent research firm Decisive Analytics, LLC and commissioned by CUPP shows that across the U.S., Europe, and Asia the majority (68 percent) of enterprise IT decision makers say that preventing or mitigating targeted attacks is the single most urgent mobile security priority, followed by achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance (66...

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Why long surveys produce poor quality data

In the past several years,  even marketers that had long resisted bringing their key surveys online, finally began doing so in large numbers.  Problem is,  the questionnaire designs that had served well as telephone surveys (or mail or mall surveys..)  do not translate perfectly to the conditions of online surveying.   An obvious problem with many “legacy” survey designs is that they tend to be over-long,  repetitive, and very often written to be administered by an interviewer in real-time, and are therefore ill-suited to the self-administration survey environment of the internet.  When surveys like this are placed online,  they perform poorly,...

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The importance of respondent engagement in surveys

Here’s another important but under-explored factor in data quality — respondent engagement.   Although it is commonsensical that stimulating “engagement” in the survey experience would tend to produce higher quality results,  there have been surprisingly few studies investigating this aspect of research management. What is meant by an “engaged respondent?”  First, we can assume that a person fully engaged in a task will be more attentive, focused,  likely to take the time to consider and provide more complete answers, and may feel more positive about their contributions, all of which are desirable in research response patterns.  Second, it would be reasonable to...

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Sampling, panels, and online survey data quality

The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) announced a new “Research Quality Super Council” on October 15, 2010, a follow-on to the large, protracted Online Research Quality Council (ORQC) that concluded its work in 2009 (Disclosure: the author was a member of the ORQC from 2008-2009.) The original ORQC effort had its genesis in a much-publicized incident in which the senior research buyer for a large consumer packaged goods company announced that she had concerns about online surveying. She had observed that some of their recent, commissioned online surveys featuring parallel questions and sampling specifications turned out to have results that varied...

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3 secrets to better conversion

The first rule of marketing, particularly in online marketing where there is a clear acquisition cost associated with every customer, is to KNOW your target audience(s) extremely well. How much do you know about your existing customers? How do your prospects differ from existing customers, if they do? What are the segments among prospects and customers -- how do they differ in terms of their demography, psychology, and behavior? Which ones are more influential in the category you're addressing? Know these answers and you will be well on your way to optimal conversion. You'll spend less to acquire customers if...

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Too much interaction or not enough?

We all know about the "call to action" and its importance in creating a profitable online business. However, the effective "Call to action" appeal requires clarity and exceptional focus reflected in the design of the marketing environment in which it appears. Most of the time, the homepage in a site contains the first and most potent call to action. But, how focused is your homepage? Are you delivering the three to five MOST compelling reasons for action in the top half of your homepage? Or, is there message overload? Too much going on? Really, too much distraction, and therefore 90% of...

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