Analytics:  Turn Data into Insight

“Getting data isn’t the problem,  it’s making sense of it.”

datavizex1We are experts in evaluating, investigating and analyzing data, and making the results both accessible and practical.


After all, the point of business intelligence is to make better decisions.  Our team stays focused on extracting the trends, patterns, and insights that will boost your business success, efficiency,  and profitability.


Our toolkit is as varied as the questions we apply it to,  including datamining,  data visualization,  advanced statistical modeling and predictive analytics,  and crystal-clear reporting methods.



Text Analysis and Textmining

 A related datamining technique is text analytics, which looks for patterns in textual (non-numeric) data.  Text analysis relies heavily on “natural language processing” (NLP) techniques, and its goal can range from descriptive (as in “sentiment analysis” applications, often applied to social media output) to predictive.


Visualizing Data

We help our clients truly understand their data through collaborative and informed interpretation, and through innovative data visualization techniques.  Data visualization works hand in hand with intelligent reporting to demonstrate the key relationships evident in a dataset and help us intuitively understand and apply these.

Although we are familiar with several different BI or Business Intelligence software platforms, we are experienced Tableau developers and can help you build a smart dashboard to help you monitor KPIs and explore your datastreams interactively and in realtime.


We are able to produce reports on this platform as well, and often utilize it to visualize survey data, along with many other types of data. We apply our expertise in research tool usability to make sure that reports are easy to understand at a glance, while also allowing users to take a deep dive into the data, on demand.

Multiple data sources can be combined in a single dashboard, including data that updates in real-time, along with more static datasets. Many organizations are replacing legacy reporting formats such as Powerpoint and Excel with data visualization/BI tools.  We can help you explore the potential of data visualization and BI and put your analytics on steroids.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

All of our work is designed to address specific client objectives and goals, and we apply advanced analytics to extract the maximum value from data.


Although the specific statistical approach we deploy is tailored to the characteristics of the dataset, and the ultimate objectives of the analysis,  one of our key techniques is Predictive Analytics.


Predictive analytics utilizes a range of techniques derived from data mining, decision modeling, and algorithmic development from the field of machine learning. The purpose is to analyze known variables to make accurate predictions about future events or currently unknown factors.


This branch of analytics allows us to identify patterns in large datasets and the risks and opportunities that these patterns suggest.  The underlying relationships can be used in many ways, including “what if?” scenarios in which we can determine what might happen if some conditions are changed in specific ways.  This powerful predictive technique has been widely used in financial services, government,  retailing, and business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) and fraud detection.