Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

We work with corporations, nonprofits, and government to manage and mitigate risk, improve organizational compliance, and develop governance goals through applied research, analytics and reporting.

Some of our key benchmarking tools include research dedicated to:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Employee Behavioral Diagnostics


The Sexual Harassment Audit

More than two-thirds of U.S. companies — public and private — currently offer employee training for sexual harassment prevention.   However, cases continue to increase, despite the prevalence of training.  The overall cost to businesses is estimated to be well above $1.5B per year.

predictorsWe offer a proven method designed to measure a company’s risk for sexual harassment behavior plus an ongoing diagnostic that will help businesses determine exactly what employees learn (or fail to learn) from any preventive training that your company may be providing.  Our protocol goes far beyond any simple quiz or online exam that many companies use after training, that only measures short-term retention of information, and not what employees really internalize about harassing and discriminatory behaviors and values.   Our annual employee survey methodology provides actionable recommendations and benchmarks, and is complementary to existing training and messaging initiatives around sexual harassment and other potentially discriminatory workplace behavior.

Our Process

After analyzing 40 years of industry and academic research focused on sexual harassment and related issues, we have identified the key predictors for sexual harassment behaviors in the workplace.   We’ve created a survey that benchmarks employees on these key predictors as well as company-wide perceptions of sexual harassment policies and procedures, training, and other relevant topics.

The survey takes only 15 minutes for employees to complete and results are available to stakeholders quickly.

riskfactorsWith this information, your organization will have the data necessary to determine how to make improvements in policies, training, and employee messaging that will make a real and lasting impact in risk mitigation against sexual harassment claims.

The Sexual Harassment Audit is designed as an annual study, with comparisons against other companies of similar size, related industry, geographic location, and employee demography, among other segmentation.

Download a Summary of the Audit Methodology for more information on the Sexual Harassment Audit.